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Area of Improvement (AOI for short) is an experimental project started by Darth Skynyrd and Crabman. AOI was created in January of 2008 with the goal of creating the largest rock band in the world. Anyone can join the band by creating a Wikia account, or signing onto their Wikia account from the AOI site. Members of AOI are categorized according to their status in a six level system featuring such levels as groupy, roady, crew member, band member, musician, and manager. AOI is hosted by Wikia, and relies heavily on the video sharing website Youtube for most of their video media.

Status Levels Edit

There are six status levels in AOI: groupy, roady, crew member, band member, musician, and manager. The levels follow a classic pyramid system, where the most amount of users are groupies, and the least amount are managers.

Groupies Edit

Once a person creates an account on to Wikia, they are a "groupy." This means nothing other than that are registered and have the potential to become a member of AOI.

Roadies Edit

To advance to the next level, "roady," a user must create a userpage with the AOI Infobox that will describe their preferences in music, their instrument(s) of choice, and other such imformation, along with at least one video embedded from Youtube. This video may be of any subject, but they will need at least one of them performing if they wish to advance to "band member."

Crew Members Edit

A "crew member" is the AOI equivalent of an administrator. To become a crew member, a user must meet all the criteria to become a roady, and have edited/maintained the AOI website to a level another crew member sees as more than satisfactory.

Band Members/ Challenges Edit

There is a select group of 100 "band members," users who have demonstrated superior musical ablitliy. They are selected by popular vote of the crew, and will remain band members until another roady or crew member "challenges" them. A challenge is a competition where a person of lesser rank challenges a person of higher rank to a battle of musical ability. A song will be selected by one of the "managers," and after both post their video of them performing, the community will vote who did best, and whoever wins will take the higher rank.

Musicians Edit

After band members, there are five "musicians," band members who are the best of the best in their fields. We will have one singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and pianist. More instruments might be included as they gain popularity on our site. Only band members are allowed to challenge musicians.

Managers Edit

The most elite rank in the band is a group of two "managers." They have complete control of AOI, and make any important decisions in the band. They can not be replaced unless they die, in which case another person in AOI previously chosen by them will take their place(s).

Other functions Edit

AOI is also an open-content encyclopedia of musical artists and their work. AOI also has a Hall of Fame to commemorate especially talented artists.